Please send with your request the following information:

1.) Your Name

2.) E-Mail Address

3.) Short Bio - 75 words or less

4.) By submitting your original work you are stating that no other permission is needed for publication.

I will be accepting entries in:

* Poetry and Prose -  6 poems may be submitted - I do not like very long poems
* Short Stories of Fiction - any genre - nothing pornographic - keep it PG 13
* True Stories of Experiences of the Paranormal or Unexplained

IMPORTANT: 5,000 word maximum on all stories or essays unless queried first

* Art - photographic displays of paintings, sculptures that can be exhibited online.
* Photography - straight photography or photographic art

IMPORTANT: Please do not send large image files. A small sample may be sent inside the body of your message. No attachments will be opened unless they are previously considered and requested sent.

Featured stories and art will be totally at my discretion.

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