I am really enjoying presenting this Guest Feature, and I invite you to make an entry today. See the submission link on the "Current Guest Feature" page or the index page of "Through My Window." You may also just email me from any of my email links. Please contact me before sending large art files.

The previous features are rotated down as new ones are added. Including the time as the Current Guest Feature, these entries are on display for many months - or even several years - thus giving your work a lot of exposure. If your submission needs to be removed for any reason, please let me know, otherwise, once your feature makes it to this page the URL address will remain the same until it is rotated off the site. I will send you an email announcing any removal so that you can keep your references up to date.


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06/16/2002          David Brady         -Collage Art
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4/7/2002              Patricia G Kelly        -Poetry  "Invitation from a Fat Woman"
4/21/2002            Michael Csontos        -Surreal Fantasy Paintings
5/5/2002           Robert Gendler's         -Astroimaging
5/19/2002          Molly Van Wullstein Austen        -Paintings
6/02/2002          Kostas Hrisos        -Photography
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07/07/2002          Lee Ann Palko         -Poetry
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September 2002          Rasouli        -Fusion Art

October 2002          Patricia Grace Kelly        -Short Story

November 2002           Poetry Erin Moen
John Faucett
April 2004
Ragen Mendenhall
February 2004
Short Story and Poems
Victoria Valentine
Summer 2007
Pamela MacBean
July 2004
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Steven Kasan
January 2005
Fine Photographic Art
Ken Weissblum
April 2005
December 2002 & December 2003  Carol Carter       -Art